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I’m not gonna get into a lot of the details on here about this game. Text or call me directly at 954-303-7576 for more info. Wednesday morning I get the text. PHILADELPHIA and two pistols. I check the line and see it’s 5. After making my calls, I see 4.5. Damn but that’s ok. Today I see 4. Philadelphia is a good team with many key injuries. Last week they had 13 players limited or out of practice. That number dropped to 7 and possibly 6 if Corey Clement plays as I think he will tomorrow.

Green Bay is off to the start we expected. Healthy Aaron Rodgers has a solid Offensive Line. That’s a recipe for a good start and barring injuries, a good season. The Packers are home and favored. The Eagles are the more talented team when healthy. What they lack in health will be made up for with desperation. PHILADELPHIA +4 IS OUR SELECTION and I would go add at little 10% Money Line floater to your cocktail if you know what I mean. Philly can definitely win this game. AFTER YOU CASH PHILLY ** SIGNUP FOR ONE WEEKEND OF ALL ACCESS FOOTBALL YOUR COST IS $85 Profit Promise means you will come out ahead or service continues. Plays are sent via text. No upsells. No BS All plays are documented at

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