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  1. Do you want to be a Sports Investor? Or Sports Gambler?

  2. Can you listen to a third party when it means risking money on a game in which you might have a different opinion?

  3. Can you stay disciplined and not increase the allotted play?

These are difficult questions. Television likes to portray sports investors as gamblers.  The World Series of Poker shows the glitzy side of gambling.  We forget about the thousands of hands of poker each pro “grinded out” just to enter the tournament.  They only show the final table live.  The internet likes to talk about the big bet.  “The Brown Bag Bettor” would drop 100k on a crazy college football play.  Sure it’s fun to follow but never forget, Vegas has a purpose for dropping that info.  They don’t show the guys working 8-14 hours capping their Saturday games then coming back early Sunday morning and completing the weekend.  Sundays take a few hours less so you can usually get in around 4 or 5 and finish by noon. Seven days a week, 30-31 days a month … so we can get our 6 units.  It’s a true grind.  A work of passion.

This is where most bettors jump off.

They are chasing the dream.

6 units in a month? 

"There’s 30 days in a month. Say you average 2 plays a day, that’s 60 plays.  33-27?  I can do that on my own!"

Think about that statement.

  1. It is true. Most bettors can and will have a month that wins more than 6 units.

  2. 33-27 is really nothing special. Most bettors have probably had a few “10 game heaters” so 40-20 runs are possible.


That being said, how many YEARS have you had +72 UNITS OR BETTER? Probably not a lot, right?


**Picking the games is so much fun to most bettors, they are willing to pay the sportsbook over the long haul for the privilege to bet sports.**

Please take a second to think about that.


Investing in sports is more like dieting that Wall Street investing.  We don’t get excited when our Apple stock blows up 2% on a Friday.  We sure get fired up when that Saturday Night 3 teamer hits!! How hard is it to not pound that pint of Ben & Jerry’s after late bad beat?

It’s not always going to be easy but it’s a LESS bumpy, slower, steadier RIDE UP.  Numbers don’t lie. 

You will have runs, good and bad.  A disciplined investor will weather the bad runs and recoup during the good ones while grinding out the small advantages in their favor.

6 UNITS per month TIMES 4 quarters is 72 UNITS ANNUALLY.

It takes 2 years usually. Once a bettor sees 24 months of gains, they usually become an investor forever.

An investor can smile through a bad beat because it’s a 1% setback and unavoidable.  Bad luck happens, so does good luck.  The investor shrugs off both while always seeking the small advantages.

The 6 units monthly that creates the 72 unit year which creates the long term investor.

Start today for only $29. 

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