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OPPORTUNITY is a situation that makes it possible to accomplish something that you want to do.


TIMING is the choice of when something should be done. Good timing vs bad timing can be the difference between marriage and a short fling. WINNER - LOSER. Timing is BIG.

ACTION is the process of doing something, typically to achieve an objective.

Today's world is so hectic, it's easy to miss opportunity. In a matter of a few years, Bitcoin BALLOONED to $70,000! The OPPORTUNITY was there. If your TIMING was right AND you took ACTION, you may have an extra beach home or luxury ride. If your timing was wrong (like 95% of investors) your screen is RED and you're cursing every crypto scandal in the news. 

Sports is no different. Timing is everything. San Francisco went into Cleveland UNDEFEATED and 9 point favs. Browns rallied behind backup QB. A physical defense knocked out Samuel and McCaffrey... Browns win OUTRIGHT. We LOVE Situation plays like Browns +9!

This football season, over 60% of our Opportunities have turned into reality AND ALL 5 of our BANKROLL BANGERS have WON! 

$100 Players have banked almost $3,000 in less than 2 months!



Our 6th "Step Out" play of the season is MY favorite so far.  The situation is almost perfect.  The team is UNDERVALUED and ready to WIN. I love these high leverage games.  It's like being a closer in baseball, YOU GOTTA WANT THE BALL.

I WANT YOU ALL-IN because I'm not letting you down. I personally approve this message and will get everyone to 6-0 this Saturday.

UNTIL THEN... Jags - Saints THURSDAY NIGHT. Will Trevor Lawrence play? This is a HUGE play!

Back the truck up to the ATM!!!


I'm going to pound the book with 5 ATM plays to play straight and parlay / tease with our KEY GOM winner. 


Thursday Jags-Saints HUGE NFL matchup

Saturday 5 ATM Selections and

PINNACLE October NCAAF Game of the Month!!


Cost $55

Every play that we've bet this season is documented. 60% winners without a single losing week. See for yourself. Numbers don't lie.

The ACTION required from you is simple.

Once you have sent your fee, EVERY PLAY will be text to your cell at least 2 hours prior to kickoff. You will get the entire gameplan.  The PLAY, the AMOUNT and the REASONS. Thats what good partners do for each other, right?

*After your purchase, text your name to

239-209-5770.  All plays will be text to this number.

Venmo or Cash App payments - text 239-209-5770 for instructions.

Cost is $55

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