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Sports Gambling is legal in about half the country... and the SPORTSBOOKS are CRUSHING!  Last season, Vegas and online sportsbooks WON.  Not only did they win, they won HUGE.  Coincidentally, PROFESSIONAL SPORTS BETTORS also WON BIG.  In fact, most PROS had their best year in decades.  WEEK 1 - NFL 6/1 ** WEEK 7 - NFL 6/1  **WEEK 11 - NFL 7/0  **19/2 in just 3 weeks!!!  Why the huge success?  FALSE LINES. When an oddsmaker sets a line, he or she is looking for that sweet spot - not the actual predicted outcome. The Sportsbooks want to see 50/50 action and LOTS  OF IT! This gives THEM options.  They can SIT STILL and WIN the juice OR take a side.  If they feel the public is wrong, they try to bring in more action by "softening the line".  Often new players will take the UNDERDOG position blindly.  They have been taught that is the SMART SIDE.  This is simply NOT TRUE.  Last week, Vegas posted over half a dozen -7.5 or more favorites.  We went 4/0 on PANTHERS, BRONCOS, BROWNS and BILLS.  In fact all four were easy covers by Vegas standards.  

Now I'm NOT saying the UNDERDOG position isn't a good one.  Often it is the right side.  However, if you rely on ESPN, FOX and other 3rd Party sources for information... you are doomed to fail.  These 3rd party sources are mainly looking to stir the pot and spark a debate.  It's entertainment for them!  YOU NEED REAL STATISTICAL ANALYSIS combined with intelligent rationale.  Our team watches EVERY game.  How many can one individual watch?

College Football started slow this season.  While the media was focused on the new NIL rules that allow players to profit from their likeness, we were focused on the hundreds of transfers.  How would these new guys play in a different system with very little prep time?  This made life confusing for everyone including the PROS.  Confusion is almost never good in gambling.  We stumbled 2/4 in College Week 1.  Turnovers and ineffective Red Zone offense were the 2 biggest factors.  Week 2 we broke even 3/3.  Our swing game lost late but our info was spot-on.  Week 3 we turned a profit 3/2.  Weeks 4 and 5 saw us back in form 4/2 back to back weeks.  College now sits at 16/14.  

This week's game actually was circled back in Week 2.  A game we won rather easily.  However, our top analyst pointed out some disturbing numbers.  As the season has played out, this "trend" is starting to become a real problem for this squad.    Week 5 poses a real problem!


Stop trying to beat Vegas.  Without access to tools like Don Best Platinum, ArmChair Analytics, and several more; our analysts would be confused also.  We Use the same tools as the books.  In fact, we hired our top analyst from South Point Casino! 


Call or Text us directly at 833-719-3009.  If you Text, enter code: GOM2.  Don't wait! 


The line is NOT going to improve.  We are not the only group locked into this one.  The public will most likely pound the wrong side.  


Our ALL ACCESS 1 WEEK retails for $225.  WE have LOWERED that price for you this weekend.   AFTER you win Thursday, re-invest a small piece of your profit, $95 into the weekend.


As always, we GUARANTEE you results.  What happens if we fall short Thursday?  I give you my word as a man, you will not go away down.  


So enough talk, the ball is your court.  Continue to work your full time job and hope you can turn a small profit during the weekend OR WORK your job and TRUST our team to win BIG for you!



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