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Most Profitable UFC 


Over the past 30 months, we have profited 21 of the last 23 UFC events. Our UFC expert is in Las Vegas and giving us real time info. If you've never bet UFC, check your sportsbook's options and limits.

WE DON'T JUST GIVE YOU THE WINNER... you will know how and when the fight will end.  Many books will offer huge odds such as +1200 to win by Submission.  The sky is the limit! Well not exactly, truth is many sportsbooks are limiting our options.  Please check yours BEFORE you signup.  WE CANNOT OFFER REFUNDS.  We have 20 open slots and that's it.  The remaining slots have been reserved already by Members.

Cost for UFC 264 is $105.  This may seem steep to a smaller player.

Even  a $100 player can easily win OVER $1000 each event!

Our UFC 264 card has 5 of the 13 scheduled fights. Mixed martial arts fights are still really new for sportsbooks. They will throw some odds on the board that offer us huge advantages as THE PUBLIC IS AWFUL picking UFC fights. Some books, Nitrogen and BETDSI off massive rebates to bettors on UFC. Rebates up to 45% of their losses.  The book is literally robbing JOE PUBLIC.

Our source combines brain with a solid background in MMA. Combine that with our team and you gets a massive advantage!

It's that simple. 

The night starts at 7PM eastern.  We have the very first fight on the card.  SIGNUP EARLY.  You will be The SMARTEST IN THE ROOM Saturday Night!

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